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One Liner

A mobile application that allows you to order your gas cylinder at any time and from anywhere.


The customer waiting for a gas provider for a long time, especially in [winter season]

Unavailability of gas providers at night.
There are far houses that no gas providers could reach.

Sometimes gas cylinder accessories are not available with the supplier.

Sometimes the customer does not have the cash to pay or does not prefer to pay in cash

The Gas Agency earned 0.75 JOD per cylinder of gas // GasNas is here to solve all those problems with a mobile application.

Achievement Highlights

We were one of the five qualified startups in the Arab world For the 'Startappz' pre-seed virtual event and we collect 30K Jod for pre Seed ticket.

How much are your 

50000 $

Why are you raising Funds?

30K Jod in the preseed stage and we need 20k Jod to close this ticket



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