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Darb Co

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Darb Co

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Solar systems suffer from dust accumulation, so DARB developed an automated cleaning solution

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Solar systems suffer from dust accumulation which reduces the energy generation by up to 60% and needs regular cleaning every 10 days on average to maintain high performance. DARB developed a fully automated cleaning solution that reduces water consumption, efforts, time, and operational costs of solar systems cleaning. the solution is manufactured in Jordan and developed by Jordanian engineers. and the company installed more than 5 projects since late 2019

Achievement Highlights

Manufacturing workshop establishment in SAHAB.

Sold for 5 solar plants since late 2019

Got the biggest innovation award in Jordan ABD AL-HAMEED SHOUMAN.

Signed export agreement with a dealer in Saudi Arabia

Product certified for safe operations over solar panels

How much are your 

350000 $

Why are you raising Funds?

To scale the business in the MENA region and increase production capacity


Creative industries Greentech - energy - environment

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